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I have been a blended/step family mom since 2004. My blended family includes my husband, Dan, two biological children, and two step children. I am passionate about moms and families (blended and traditional), I love sharing my experiences about blending, marriage and parenting, and I believe all families -  blended or traditional - can beat the odds and weather the storms of marriage and family life. I love encouraging others, and sharing my perspectives on spousal priority, preventive parenting and blended family dynamics. My first book, The Blended Family Mom: Interactive Devotionals to Help You ‘Stir and Mix Your Blended Family,  is filled with thought-provoking stories, interactive inspiration, practical experience and suggested activities. My second book, titled Blended Mom Moments, is a compilation of entertaining and informative perspectives from my weekly radio show and BLOG posts. One of my favorite sayings is, “Hang on; hang tough,” meaning, when blended moms and families hang on for what almost always is an interesting ride, they also need to hang tough; the reward though, is always worth it. 

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